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"Cleanskin is one of the most thrilling movies produced in 2012....

The Cleanskin movie deserves an A+ rating for its audacity to expose the underbelly of terrorist cell recruiting, and its intimate glimpse into the lives of those fighting the war on terror in the trenches....

Writer/Director Hadi Hajaig has written and directed a real masterpiece....

The meat and potatoes of this film is the point/counterpoint, attack/counterattack and action/reaction between Sean bean dan Abhin Galeya's characters. Their movements and countermovements are exciting, thrilling and fascinating....

ladies and gentlemen if you love action movies and want to see an extraordinary film about the war on terror, watch Cleanskin with Sean Bean.

Jonathan Jacobs
Florida's Film Critics Circle - featured review August 2012

"Cleanskin is 107 minutes of action packed smart British thriller. It is in places brutal and compelling. The action scenes are incredibly well done and genuinely make you jump in your seat....

It seems a long time since a really good action thriller was produced in this country (the UK) but Hadi Hajaig who wrote and directed Cleanskin has succeeded here. It deserves to do well and hopefully will do for action thrillers in this country what Lock Stock did for British Crime Capers. Enjoy

Geoff Wytcherley
Mar 7 2012

(well good)
"Tense and engaging , Cleanskin is a provocative thriller."
Ivan Radford

"A brutal, unsparing thriller....  

This has impressive performances...

Director Hajaig's should be applauded for striving to show a balanced view of the radicalisation process and the campaign against terrorism. Sean Bean should be applauded for kicking several shades of ass.

Kim Newman
Empire Magazine

"Cleanskin is an ambitious movie. Not many action films would take the trouble to provide the terrorists with as much character and backstory as the gun-toting hero. The fact that Cleanskin does, is in itself worthy of praise. But even better, this film is not only ambitious: it is also successful. Cleanskin is certainly not flawless but it is a tense, gripping and surprisingly poignant piece of work....
The action is a brutal triumph, full of fountains of blood, messy head shots and wince-worthy stabbings. It’s also really exciting.... Enhancing this is Simon Lambros’ score which, though far from original in style, is nonetheless highly effective in racking up the tension....

The acting is also top notch. Sean Bean is, as always, fantastic; morose and grizzled, an emotionally wounded veteran of Afghanistan, determined to have peace in Britain at least....

Intense and troubled, Galeya embodies excellently the two sides of his character: the capable, committed killer on the surface, and the angry, but confused, young man on the inside....

In short, I really recommend Cleanskin. It is aware of its artistic responsibilities to a degree few movies are, and yet makes sure that being responsible, doesn’t stop it being bloody good fun.

Adam Brodie
The People's Movies
March 8 2012

"Cleanskin is an independent British film that brings a new dimension and grittiness to the terrorist spy genre...

Cleanskin delivers an engaging and visceral experience that will keep you hooked to the very last scene. This is good news for the independent British film industry and I hope other writers and directors are as brave and bold as Hadi Hajaig in the future.

Geek Syndicate

"Cleanskin ticks most of the boxes for a solid Brit thriller, and not just because Sean Bean’s his usual brooding self in it (though that helps)...

Bean... delivers a trademark menacing performance oozing with repressed rage...

Stylistically, the film is archetypal of brilliant Brit thrillers. The colour palette is mostly downcast, with a sense of bad things to come hanging in the air as heavily as the London smog. Instead of silly explosions, director Hadi Hajaig opts to stun us with unrestrained depictions of violence; brains splatter and bones get broken....keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Robert Zak
Best For Film

This is an engaging thriller with strong performances..

Simon Reynolds
Digital Spy

Cleanskin fuses the same combat aesthetics of a recent James Bond movie with the same irresistible edge-of-your-seat
suspense of Drive.

Anthony Lowery
Front Row Reviews

The Kid

The Kid

"Touching, funny and tragic, this is one of the best British films in recent memory."
Mike Sheridan -

"a compelling, emotional and ultimately uplifting film that shows how a child, with the right help, can triumph over abuse and go on to have a happy, fulfilled life"

"There’s something strange about The Kid, something just so great about the way everything is handled that it makes the familiar material feel a little bit fresher......It definitely affected me and I hope it affects others in the same way.At the end of the screening I was at a few audience members started applauding, loudly and spontaneously. So I assume it affected them, too."
Flickfeast -  Kevin Matthews 8/10

"A good soundtrack to accompany the time period from the 80s to the 90s"

"The script and performances are immediately engaging...The Kid is a heartbreaking and heartwarming story which is well worth watching...The film’s low-budget, grainy look works with its setting, and is underpinned by a great contemporary soundtrack."
Movie Scope - Nikki Braghan

"Handles this subject matter assuredly"
Entertainment .ie,  Mark 'Lenny' Linehan

"Nick Moran — like Casey Affleck, an actor-turned-director — marshals his relentlessly grim material unflinchingly, and Rupert Friend, as the adult Kevin, is engaging and convincing in a complex role"
Telegraph, Marc Lee

"A worthwhile cinema experience"

"The music for the film is inspiring, along with the casting"
IMDb - Colin Coyne

"The biggest achievement is that the film deals with violence and in no way glamorises it"
IMDb - Envision

"I was stunned by the incredible soundtrack which really adds to the movie"
IMDb - Mr Man  

"The Kid" is beautifully shot, and the story is compelling and full of emotion.

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"A brilliant biopic packed with bravura performances and the music that made Britain great."

"A dizzying whirl of sex, drugs and rock ’n roll… Telstar is a fascinating insight into one of the great unsung heroes of British pop… Con O’Neill dazzles as Hoe Meek… the screen buzzes with manic energy."
News of the World  – Robbie Collin

"Superb central performance by Con O‘Neill as Meek."
Sunday Times Culture – Richard Brooks

"Backed up by a killer soundtrack"


Marie Claire  – James Mottram

"Expertly told by Nick Moran... the action is dominated by Con O'Neill's magnificent Meek"
Observer Music Monthly

"A British pop genius in the glory of his madness…astonishing and searingly original"
The Word – Andrew Harrison

"Brilliantly captures the frenzy of the early years of Rock ‘n Roll in London."
Daily mail – Baz Bamigboye

"Con O’Neill’s performance is absolutely awesome."
Newsnight Review – Rosie Boycott

"Flamboyant, brilliant and manically livid: Con O’Neill bristles as Joe Meek."
Shortlist – Lucy Foster

"Hold your breath for ConO’Neill’s incredible performance as tragic record producer, Joe Meek in Nick Moran’s triumphant directorial debut, Telstar."
InStyle – Vickie Moss

"With loving attention to period detail and near-perfect casting, Telstar evokes the spooky world of Joe Meek with all its madness and brilliance.  Like the man’s music, it will leave you haunted."

Bizarre – Cathi Unsworth

"An extraordinary slice of British pop history"
Time Out – Trevor Johnston

Mr In-Between

Mr In-Between

"A startling and unexpected debut from Sarossy, Mr In Between is characterised by moody, atmospheric precision and philosophical and psychological daring."
Toronto International Film Festival

"A Powerful and visually stunning film... remarkable set design, superlative editing and a haunting soundtrack... with an ending that will leave audiences enthralled."
Cinequest Film Festival

"Beautifully filmed, sharp as a stiletto, this is the best British gangster film since The Long Good Friday."
Mark Leeper - Internet Reviews

"Drenched in sombre, menacing images that are at once seductive and mortifying, Sarossy's Mr In Between is an absorbing and disquieting existential thriller."

The Times

"Favorite film!... A perfect melding of character study and well thought-out plot, Mr In Between is atmospheric, gritty and gutsy"

"Sensational.... break out of the pack".
Metro Silicon Valley


"Not-to be-missed.....Mr In Between grabs you by the eyeballs and won't let go."
Victoria Film Festival

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